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Mineral Information

Throughout the entire world of Shinseina, there exist a multitude of different ores and minerals that can be found, or even has yet to be found. Many of these minerals are naturally forming and can be found spread across and within the earth. While other minerals can even be created artificially by people or things of the world. 


Minerals and ores can come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and even some can come infused with mana. Mana infused in minerals grant it extraordinary abilities and properties, often making it a lot more useful than the average mineral.



Below is a format, along with an explanation, of how minerals are posted:


Mineral Name:

⟨ What name this mineral is most commonly known by ⟩



⟨ The mineral's common color(s) ⟩


Mineral Location:

⟨ What biome the mineral can be found in ⟩


Mineral Rarity:

Legendary - Rare - Uncommon - Common

⟨ Rarity would be how simple it is for you to find the mineral in their biome. Common is easy, uncommon is not-so-easy, rare is difficult, legendary is probably impossible ⟩


Moh Hardness Ranking:

⟨ This is the ranking of a mineral's hardness based on the real-life Moh scale. However, some will rank higher than 1-10 ⟩


Melting Point:

⟨ This amount of heat needed to liquify this mineral ⟩



⟨ If the mineral is soluble in liquids ⟩


Market Value:

⟨ Mineral's legal market price ⟩



⟨ Further information about the mineral such as it's common uses ⟩

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