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A- Arcane Creeper


- Magic is messed up around them, making the mana flow weirdly, and out of control, making it harder to control, and use abilities.

- Teleportation, they can freely teleport to anywhere they have been before.

- True Sight allows them to see through any form of illusion or see things unseen.

- Whisper of Arcane is an ability they have that isn't known a lot about, but somehow it allows them to use magical spells and runes similar to people, even though they are a monster.

Danger Ranking: A

Rarity: Rare+

Region: Anywhere.

Description: A creature with little known of it, that is believed to have been created during the age of great arcane development but has long been forgotten, however, this is mere speculation, as, the creature is simply so hard to find that learn more about it is hard. They are smart and hide from anyone trying to find them, only watching.

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