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a - Corrupted Chimera

Abilities: • A regenerative body, only way to fully kill it is to destroy the core in the middle of the body, as big as a basketball. • Can manipulate it's features to add wings, extra snake-like necks and heads, hardening its skin to be harder than steel and etc • Capable of absorbing, creating, and shooting lightning • Strong and Fast Danger Ranking: A Rarity: Rare Region: Corrupted Forest/Swamp Description: A monstrous creature of pure abyssal design. When a chimera dies in the corrupted swamp, there is an extremely minimal chance that it will transform into a Corrupted Chimera, through absorbing the corrupted mana in the area, it reanimates alive again. There has only been a very small amount spotted. At least, those who spotted one and survived the corrupted swamp.

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