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A- Darkness Stead


- Shadow Travel allows it to freely teleport through any shadow, to another shadow within 100 meters, along with its rider.

- It feeds on darkness, making it so it doesn't need to eat, only be outside at night.

- Breathe of darkness allows it to spit out balls of shadows that can basically bind or blind anything it hits.

- Quivering roar, allows it to roar so hard it makes anyone that hears it become stunned for 2 turns.

Danger Ranking: A

Rarity: Rare

Region: Forest and mountain.

Description: A legendary stead known only from legends and tales of knights that ride them into battle, they are said to be mighty, and the most loyal of partners, once they find a partner, they stay with them till death. They are strong, born from darkness, and live in darkness, they have the strength of darkness, and as such, they are adept at fighting at night.

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