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A - Horror Personified

Type of Rune: Aerial -> Anywhere

Rune Ranking: A

Enchantment: Once engraved on somewhere and activated, the rune will slowly dim the light in the area around it, even if it is day, and create a thick mist. Out from the rune will form a horror so terrifying, so ugly, so damned, that just seeing it will inflict a sense of madness. A being that is capable of fighting on par with multiple dragons will take form, with its true form changing to fit the horrors of the user and people involved. It will vanish only after 8 turns, or if it is killed.

Limitations & Side Effects: They do not obey the user, and will attack anything in sight. The rune needs to be engraved in blood, and a price of blood must be paid.

Requirements: High Rune Knowledge. Paying a price of blood.

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