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Mineral Name: Averistone

Color: Translucent with a faint colorful glow

Mineral Location: Mountain peaks and highlands

Mineral Rarity: Rare+

Moh's Hardness Ranking: 4

Melting Point: 1300 Degrees C

Solubility: N/A

Market Value: 15 Silver

Description: Averistone is a very rare mineral that can be found in high-altitude mountain peaks and floating lands. The mineral has only recently begun to appear to due to the sudden change in the world and holds rather unique properties. While the mineral itself isn't very durable as compared to others, it has the ability to lessen the impact of magic-based attacks by absorbing a portion of the mana. Averistone is also known to have a strong resistance to magical attacks, making it a valuable component in magical armor and weapons. Due to its rarity and powerful properties, Averistone is highly sought after and commands a high price in the market, with most public markets not even having them.

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