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B - Binding

Type of Rune: Areal→Ground

Rune Ranking: B Enchantment: Once drawn on the ground, the user has only one turn to get out of the circle before it 'arms.' After it arms, it will disappear from the naked eye, only being able to be seen by those who can sense mana. Afterwards, if someone steps on it, light will glow on their lower body, and they will be uncapable of moving their legs as if they were stuck in strong glue. The rune will also glow when this happens.

Limitations & Side Effects: On the first turn of being trapped, the enemy will be completely stuck. On the second turn, they will be able to move their legs, but it will be as if they had heavy weights attached to them. On the third, they will be able to walk out, but they can't run. Any longer than that, and the rune will not affect them. However, the upper body of the enemy will still be able to move, so they can still defend themselves. The rune can also be overpowered with high strength. The rune lasts for an hour after being triggered, and it will disappear once again after a person leaves its area.

Requirements: Moderate knowledge of runes.

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