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B - Cabasule


- Can instantly form solid barriers that are immune to a certain amount of damage. These barriers can be up to 20m x 20m (20m radius).

- They can go inside their gemstones in order to heal themselves over time.

- They can temporarily form a barrier around others that can heal them slowly over time.

Danger Ranking: B

Rarity: Rare+

Region: Anywhere.

Description: Cabasules are a race of creatures that many tend to call celestial beings or even spirits due to how mysterious and ethereal they are. They are a race of monsters that live within the gemstones in their head, being able to fully go inside of the gems with only the gem remaining outside when they do. They are non-hostile creatures with very little offensive capabilities but they are great at protection and good-natured in life, many seeing them as good omens.

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