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B - Divine Dragon's Fist Technique

Name: Divine Dragon's Fist Technique

Description: The Divine Dragon's Ki Fist is a powerful Ki technique that is said to have originated from harnessing the energy of the mythical Divine Dragon, channeling its strength and grace into devastating physical strikes. This technique requires a deep connection with the will of the dragons and a great commitment to master.


Stage One: To master this stage, the practitioner must embark on a magical journey to find a way to awaken Draconic Mana within them or allow their bodies to flow with Draconic Mana. Being much easier for Draconic Beings that already have Draconic Mana within them.

Bonus: Mastering this stage enhances the user's physical strength, speed, and agility, granting them a 2x boost in all physical aspects.

Backlash: If a non-draconic being were to master this stage by finding a way to gain draconic mana, their power would be boosted by 3x rather than 2x, but a draconic being would instead only be boosted by 1.5x.

Stage Two: In this stage, the practitioner learns to unleash their draconic mana through vocalization, manifesting it as a powerful sonic attack known as the Dragon's Roar. By channeling their draconic mana into their voice, they can release a concentrated sound wave that can disrupt and disorient opponents.

Bonus: Mastering this stage allows the user to unleash a powerful Dragon's Roar that can shatter objects, disorient enemies, and create an area of impact up to a 10-meter radius.

Backlash: Improper control of the Dragon's Roar can strain the user's vocal cords, potentially leading to temporary voice impairment or even their throat being permanently damaged.

Stage Three: Once the Dragon's Roar is mastered, the practitioner delves deeper into the Dragon's Mana, learning to channel it directly into their fists. They infuse their strikes with the fury and might of the Divine Dragon, enhancing their attacks with explosive Draconic Mana.

Bonus: Mastering this stage empowers the user's physical strikes with intense draconic mana, increasing their destructive power and impact. Their punches become more powerful, capable of causing shockwaves and devastating damage.

Backlash: Channeling excessive draconic mana into their strikes may strain the user's muscles and joints, leading to temporary physical fatigue, if overdone it can lead to the limbs being broken and damaged beyond repair.

Final Stage: In the final stage of the technique, the practitioner achieves a state of oneness with the Divine Dragon. They become a vessel for the dragon's essence, allowing the Draconic Mana to flow through them effortlessly. Their movements become fluid and graceful, akin to the mythical creature itself.

Bonus: Mastering this stage grants the user an unparalleled level of speed, precision, and strength. They can perform extraordinary feats of agility and unleash devastating combinations of strikes with unparalleled accuracy. Boosting their physical capabilities to 5x.

Backlash: Extended use of Dragon Ascendance may cause severe mental and physical exhaustion, requiring a significant recovery period. Overuse can cause permanent bodily injuries.

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