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B- Erako

Abilities: •Superheated spike feet •Lava-like webs capable of melting through limestone •Pincers can pierce through stone •Heat vision •Agile and fast •Shell as hard as limestone Danger Ranking: B Rarity: Rare Region: Canyons & (Tundra) Caves Description: Less-so known as 'Karkinos-Inferno', these are predatory spiders roughly the same size as an elephant. They often will be in tundra caves waiting for animals to take shelter from the cold before luring them deeper into their lair with heat. Between the rough rocky exterior they have soft gooey open areas for venting out heat. Their underbellies are also weak enough to pierce with the common sword. They lay their webs down on cavern floors so when their prey steps on it, they become crippled and cannot outrun the spider. Very territorial and will almost never be found in a pack.

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