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B - Lesser Ethos


Elemental Mastery


Form Shifting

Ethos Pact - By making a pact with a person they are able to share their elemental abilities with that person, while also bonding their life with that person's life, so if one were to die, the other would suffer. This connection allows them to find each other no matter how far away, and teleport to them.

Danger Ranking: B+

Rarity: Legendary.

Region: Unknown.

Description: Due to the evolution of the world itself, the ambient mana that lingers around the area has grown much more dense, changing not only the world but also bringing forth new life. Ethos, are one such life, beings born from the will of the world along with ambient mana in a strong elemental area, Lesser Ethos can be born. While extremely rare to encounter, they are believed to appear before worthy people and make Ethos Pacts with them, if they deem you unworthy, you will not be able to tame them no matter what, and they can even be aggressive.

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