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b - monsquito

Abilities: • Diamond Piercing Proboscis • Flight Up to 300mph • Iron like legs • Blood Sense • Can see in all direction • Very Fast reflexes • Body as Durable as Wood Danger Ranking: B Rarity: Uncommon Region: Suna Desert Description: These huge creatures average about 15ft tall when standing on the ground. With quick reflexes making them very hard to hit with ranged while flying. These deadly creatures are sometimes seen in the distance. And often kept away from since they are often not alone. But due to lack of food they usually travel in 2 - 5. But when a large amount of blood is spilt, or a sand worm is slain it can draw more to them. Even seeing numbers in the 50's. They have been known to drain a human completely in seconds. They tend to be attracted to vampires more. The sense of so many different bloods at once. Though draining a vamp even for a short time is worse than most other races. They are found in the desert year-round but in the summer seasons they can be seen spreading from the desert. The chances of seeing them in numbers greater than half a dozen are extremely rare. And may only occur once in a few dozen years.

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