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B - Time Halt

Circle Ranking: B

Circle Engraving: បង្កកលំហូរនៃពេលវេលាពីតំបន់នេះបញ្ឈប់ភាពចាស់ទាំងអស់,បញ្ឈប់លំហូរទាំងអស់,បញ្ឈប់ចលនាទាំងអស់,ពីចំណុចនៅលើពេលវេលានេះនឹងឈរនៅតែមាន

Effect: Engraving the circle in an area, or on something, will put anything within that area, or that object, within a period of halt time, in which the product doesn't feel the passing of time, no rot, no aging, no flow of time effects it.

Required Mana Input: Constant mana drain, with the more withing the area causing more mana drain. Massive mana drain even for just one object, living things cost as much as an A rank to maintain.

Limitations and Drawbacks: The bigger the area, or bigger the object, the more mana it will cost, with an already massive amount of mana drain constantly. Living things cost much more mana then non-living things.

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