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B - Wyvern


Lesser Dragon Capabilities - Much like a dragon, they are large and capable of flight and much more. With strength many times greater than a normal human.

Elemental Breathe - They are capable of spitting out a breath of different elements, with the element often being based on the color of their skin.

Wyvern Call - They are capable of calling other wyverns in order to assist them in battle.

Danger Ranking: B

Rarity: Rare+

Region: All.

Description: The wyvern is said to be the distant relative of the Dragon, one that has devolved to the point of lacking any form of human-ish consciousness and simply act upon animalistic nature in order to survive. They are dangerous because they move in packs of 5 at a time, and combine with their strength, size, and ability to fly they are often avoided. Not much is known about them.

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