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Blessed Rose

Name: Blessed Rose

Availability: Rare+

Region: Forests, Mountains, and Plains

Preparation: Must be consumed

Cost: N/A

Description: The Blessed Rose is a very rare and magical flower that is said to possess incredible healing properties causing it to be sought out by many. When consumed, it grants the user an enhanced healing factor that can heal injuries much faster than normal, being able to heal a person 15x faster than a normal human for 5 turns. The flower's nectar can be used to create a healing potion with lesser effectivity, which is highly sought after by adventurers and healers alike. The Blessed Rose only blooms once every ten years and is extremely difficult to find, as it only grows in specific regions. The flower's petals are said to have a sweet, honey-like flavor and can be eaten raw, but the most potent healing properties are gained from consuming the flower's nectar. However, consuming too much of the nectar at once can cause the user to become disoriented and dizzy.

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