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UC- Branshakka Brand Blaze Breath

Market Region: All

Item Rarity: Uncommon

Item Effects: A fire colored liquid that slowly evaporates into a thick mist. The mist is extremely flammable, causing any amount of friction or heat change above what is required to move to cause it to explode violently. The mist can cover a 20m radius area or be trailed along to create a line of mist or inhaled and breathed out like a breath weapon. With the latter, if the user is experienced in its use, they can cause the mist to ignite instantly, appearing to breath fire. The mist lasts until detonated or dispelled by wind.

Item Limits:

-Can harm the user if they are not experienced in using it or resistant to fire or explosions

Extra: A formula pioneered by the Branshakka family, modifying their original formula to sell to adventurers. The mist is surprisingly nontoxic, although it smells like rotten eggs

Price: 5 Silver

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