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C - Star Hopper


- Can turn into a mark shaped like a star and attach themselves to other living things, boosting that thing's physical capabilities by 2x for a period of time.

- When it is night the power of the mark is also able to boost magical capabilities by 2 times for a period

- They are able to teleport around freely.

- Can go invisible.

Danger Ranking: C

Rarity: Rare.

Region: Anywhere.

Description: Star Hoppers are creatures that barely do harm but are quite mischievous and playful, there are different kinds of these creatures with each representing a certain constellation, they like to play tricks on people but do not be fooled by these adorable fluffy creatures for they have an intelligence comparable to a dolphin and knows how to hold a grudge, but if you managed to befriend one, all of them would be your friend forever.

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