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D - Onux


- Great senses. Sense of smell 30 km Sense of hearing 15 km Sense of sight 4 km.

- At first glance, they will appear to have no teeth. But their teeth are hidden away in their gums and when they need them they can pull them out in an instant.

- Onuxes have excellent eyesight, hearing, and smell.

- They have strong talons that can grip most prey/objects. They’re able to lift 2x their own body weight. (Levi weighs 170 pounds)

- Their wings are silent, this is their most unnoticeable but noticeable trait if you catch my drift.

- Onuxes are known to eat both plants and animals, but mainly stick to a plant-based diet. They favor fish over all other meat.

Danger Ranking: D

Rarity: Uncommon.

Region: Mountains, forest.

Description: Onux is a species of monsters that are known for their silent flight and great senses, being able to sense a great range around them with sight, hearing, and even smell. They are also famed for the quick but silent flight that allows them to move around without making a single sound.

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