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dark arts - create monster

Type of Spell: Dark Arts-Summoning

Spell Power Ranking: B Description: Channeling dark magics, the caster reanimates the corpse of C rank or lower non sentient corporeal fauna they have slain. The monster loses any mana abilities, and suffers the same sunlight penalties as animate dead, but otherwise serves the caster like a familiar. Mana Cost: High Limitations/Side Effects: requires a fauna corpse. Only one Monster may be linked to a caster at a time. If a Monster dies, the creator suffers major damage and is stunned for a round. Cooldown: 1 week Requirements: Animate dead, experience with necromancy. Note: This spell may be cast at higher ranks, allowing the target monster to be one rank higher for each rank of spell (A cast can raise B fauna, S cast can raise A fauna). Must obtain permission for A and S rank usage like normal.

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