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dark arts - Hemokinesis

Name: Hemokenisis Type of Spell: Dark Arts-Manipulation Spell Power Ranking: A Description: The caster takes control of the blood of one creature they can see for the following 5 turns after casting. Weaker creatures can be puppeted by the caster, moving and attacking at the caster’s command, however the caster cannot command the target to use abilities that are not biological. Stronger willed creatures instead become paralyzed. If the caster wishes, they can choose to end the connection early, yanking their connection from the creature and dealing high necrotic damage. Mana Cost: High Limitations/Side Effects: Can only affect a creature with blood, OCs and other stronger creatures can resist the control. Cooldown: 1 day Requirements: Caster must be able to bleed, must have extreme experience with necromancy and blood magic

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