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Dwarven Steel

Color: Deep Blue, Black, Glowing Cyan Mineral Location: Mountain Village Exclusive Mineral Rarity: Rare+ Moh Hardness Ranking: 8.8 Melting Point: 2354°C Solubility: Insoluble Market Value: 4 gold per pound Description: A combination of dwarven smithing known only to the Mountain Village. They are incredibly reclusive about this material and it’s only known this is crafted via some combination of materials only the mountain village knows of. Some pieces have been able to circulate in the market, but due to diplomatic relationships, it’s illegal to posses without permission from the Mountain Village. That comes in the form of a magical stamp, but this is so rare it’s practically unheard of to obtain. The metal itself is incredibly durable and magically potent, which make it highly valued in any market.

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