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Elemental: Fire- Dragon of Searing Flames

Spell Power Ranking: S

Description: The user releases their true power and inner force, summoning a dragon made of pure fire. This dragon is directly tied to their very soul and is even capable of acting on its own. The dragon’s size and power depend on the willpower of the individual, and it can range from 10 feet tall to 25 feet tall. After 10 turns, the dragon will disappear.

Mana Cost: None.

Limitations & Side Effects: If the dragon takes damage, the user will also take damage in the same area that the dragon was hit at. If the dragon is defeated before it disappears naturally, the user will faint and be rendered unconscious for 5 turns.

Cooldown: 1 Day

Requirements: The user must have a reason to use this spell, such as being in intense danger. Otherwise, the spell will not work.

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