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Elemental: Fire- Explosion

Spell Power Ranking: S

Description: This spell is one of the most powerful spells in Shinseina. However, due to its pure destructive power, it is illegal to use or even learn. Using the spell creates a small, star-shaped ball of energy to fly forwards at a slow pace. If the move is not charged, the blast radius is that of a grenade. If the move is charged for one turn, it becomes strong enough to eradicate an entire building. If the move is charged for 3 turns… Let’s just say that your opponent… along with the entire section of whatever city you’re in… will be turned to ash.

Mana Cost: High/Very High/All

Limitations & Side Effects: Using this move at full charge will take all of the mana out of the user’s body and render them unable to use magic for the rest of the week IRP.

Cooldown: None/3 Turns/1 Week

Requirements: None

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