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Mineral Name: Evolite

Color: Dark multi-colored layers

Mineral Location: Unknown

Mineral Rarity: Legendary+

Moh Hardness Ranking: 18+

Melting Point: 7800°C

Solubility: Insoluble

Market Value: Priceless

Description: Evolite is a very rare and powerful mineral that has the ability to rapidly evolve and adapt to its environment and the situation it is put into, and the things used against it, giving it the ability to constantly shift and grow to become either better or worse as time goes on and it experiences things. Due to its incredible versatility, Evolite has become highly sought after for use in advanced technological applications and magical creations, however, due to how unknown the forming process is, along with how very rare is it, finding even a pound is nearly impossible. It is so rare that people believe it to be a mere myth, as none has been found in recent times, some even believe it to be an artificial mineral.

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