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Availability: Rare+ Region: Indigenous to Chusei only Preparation: Multi-Functional Fruit Cost: 1 silver per star Description: A star fruit that flows with magical abundance. The exterior of this fruit is similar to an orange, while the yellow interior resembles the texture of a plum. The juices of this fruit are squeezed out and mulched to make Ale in Chusei, where it’s only been found to grow in. Any attempt to grow this fruit outside of Chusei has been found futile, despite resembling the same atmospheric conditions as Chusei. Because of this, Chusei has made a monopoly on the production of Fipoint which has an energizing, smooth taste similar to what can only be described as a “Banana-Plum”. While it’s not illegal outside of Chusei, there are mixed views on the fruit due to those who grow it, as Chusei is a primarily rogue village.

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