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B- Inner Titan Technique

Name: Inner Titan Technique

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: The Inner Titan Technique is a very powerful technique, that despite its rank, can be very useful even compared to higher ranking techniques if used properly. It is a technique that was made during the times of old and have since been passed down, believed to be forged using the based of ancient titans as a core, where it focuses on creating and bringing out a titan within a person.


Stage One: To master the first stage the user must first form a titan core within their body, to do so they need the core of a B rank creature, and to eat it whole, without absorbing the abilities of it and instead allowing it to become their titan core.

Bonus: Mastering this stage grants the user a passive boost of 6x human capabilities all physical aspects.

Backlash: Mastering this stage halves all their magical capabilities.

Stage Two: To master the second stage takes time, with the user needing to feed the core within them the core of other creatures and mana, slowly building it up until it hatches.

Bonus: When the titan core hatches the user's physical boost improves to 8x human capabilities all aspects.

Backlash: Mastering this stage makes them unable to use magic or abilities.

Stage Three: Once the core has hatched it will turn into a young titan, in this stage it is still very fresh and young, ready and hungry for battle, and as such they need to take part in a lot of combat to train and hone the titan.

Bonus: Once the titan has battle a lot it will grow into a full size titan, in this form it grants the user the ability to temporarily nullify all pain and damage to their body for 3 turns, with a cooldown of 15 turns.

Backlash: Makes them unable to move for 20 turns after they finish fighting.

Final Stage: Once the titan is fully grown, the user is able to project the titan outward, overlaying it with their body and becoming the titan, however to do this they must first understand what a titan is, and how they work.

Bonus: Projecting the Titan overlays them with the titan, increasing their body size, giving them extra limbs, and boosting their strength by 12x human all physical aspects.

Backlash: Each time their project the titan they go into a fit of rage and bloodlust overtakes them.

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