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L - Revival stone

Market Region: Unknown Item Rarity: Legendary Item Effects: A legendary stone that can fit in one's palm with the infuse rune on it. The stone can be made of any material but will glow cyan while being used. The stone is capable of bringing a deceased entity back to life, in the best condition possible. They are made by depending on the soul quality: thousands and thousands of souls being poured into one location with an incredible amount of mana focused around the point. The infuse rune must then be grafted on the stone the souls are being absorbed into, where all the mana will concentrate the souls into one point, creating a revival rune. Item Limits: They must have a soul to be revived and require some part of them to be nearby the stone when being used. Can only be used once. Extra: Revival stones creation methods aren't known except to all but the most adept storytellers and loremasters. Even then, it's an incredibly well guarded secret. Attempts at making these are known to often backfire due to the difficulty it takes. Price: N/A

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