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Mineral Name: Meticy Color: Grey with white Mineral Location: Frozen tundra Mineral Rarity: Uncommon Moh hardness Ranking: 10 Melting Point: 390ºC Solubility: Not soluble Market Value: 200 silver coins (fragments) 980 silver coins (Ore) 10 gold coins (Gem) Description: Meticy is a mineral formed in areas with temperatures below 0 (Frozen tundra in general). It is believed to be iron, but with a huge difference: instead of being made naturally by heat and pressure, it is made by cold instead of heat. This is possible by a possible fusion between mana and the cold, the result being a more durable variation of iron, when in contact with anything, it freezes the object almost instantly. Strangely, fabric is immune to the freezing effect.

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