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Color: Blue & grayish white Mineral Location: Underwater Mineral Rarity: Rare Moh Hardness Ranking: 5.5 Melting Point: 1100°C Solubility: Soluble interior Market Value: 2 Silver per pound Description: Similar to a geode, when mana is compressed between sand or stone underwater, the pressure combines over thousands of years to form a smoothed orb of Ocino. With a glassy exterior, they have concentrated pockets of mana, typically water mana, flowing inside them. The rocks that move against these orbs in the process become more angular but still possess the same characteristics as the orb. They’re sometimes used in the creation of dams or used for mana potions as sources of mana. The exterior glassy substance is not actually glass, nor is the mana inside it made of stone and sand.

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