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Mineral Name: Prophyst

Color: Clear and shimmering pink

Mineral Location: Deep underground caves, often near underground water sources

Mineral Rarity: Legendary

Moh's Hardness Ranking: 6

Melting Point: 1300°C

Solubility: Insoluble

Market Value: N/A

Description: Prophyst is a very rare mineral that can be found in caves with water nearby, often found in extremely small quantities due to how difficult it is for it to form. When held or worn as jewellery, the mineral has the ability to provide visions of the future to the wearer, however, the visions never contain the wearer and are often broken and misplaced, making them very confusing, the mineral also slowly loses its properties each time it is used. The rarity of Prophyst has led to its not being sold on the market, with wealthy individuals and organizations willing to pay exorbitant prices for even small quantities of the mineral. Due to its unique properties, it is highly regulated and closely monitored by the major clans to prevent abuse or exploitation.

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