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Psionic- Reveal Secret

Spell Power Ranking: A

Description: The user enters a meditative state for five turns, eyes glowing white. They connect themselves to the weave of mana, and search for the answer to one question they have. This leaves the user exhausted, making them unable to use magic for the rest of the scene.

Mana Cost: High

Limitations/Side Effects: This spell’s success is based on a variety of factors. The user having a stronger mind(older, better educated, etc), having stronger magical capability, and knowing more about what they’re asking makes it more likely to succeed. The importance of the question they’re asking and any protection from divination the target might have could make it more difficult, the answer more vague, or downright cause the spell to fail.

Cooldown: 1 week

Requirements: A strong mind, lots of psionic experience

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