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R - Ring of Elemental Binding

Item Name: Ring of Elemental Binding

Market Region: Anywhere

Item Rarity: Rare

Item Effect: A ring with a gemstone in the center that glows with a faint light, with the color of the light depending on the type of element bonded to it. The ring is enchanted to allow the wearer to bind elements to them, and give them a boost of 15% depending on the element bond to the ring. The type of element that can be bound is dependent on the gemstone in the center of the ring:

Emerald: Earth Element

Sapphire: Water Element

Ruby: Fire Element

Amethyst: Air Element

Item Limits: The ring can only bind two elements at a time.

The binding process takes 1 hour and requires the wearer to remain stationary and focused on the ring.

Market Price: 5 gold coins.

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