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S - Mana Possession Technique

Name: Mana Possession Technique

Technique Power Ranking: S

Technique Power Ranking: Session Technique is a potent Ki Technique that enables the practitioner to project their consciousness into another living or dead being, gaining temporary control over their body. By using their mana, they are able to send tendrils of mana into the mana of their target, infecting it like a parasite and gaining control over its body. The origins of this Technique date back to the Dark Ages.


Stage One: To master the first stage, the practitioner must learn to attune their mana to the mana plane, bridging the gap between the physical and mana layer so that they can sense mana not only within them but also around them. This stage involves intense meditation and mana training to establish a stable connection with mana.

Bonus: Once the first stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to sense and perceive the mana around them and within other living beings. They can identify the different mana sources around them.

Backlash: If the practitioner loses focus or becomes overwhelmed during while sensing mana, it can cause a mental backlash.

Stage Two: In the second stage, the practitioner needs to find a way to be able to make their mana into tendrils that can inject themselves into the mana of other beings, infecting it like a parasite without breaking.

Bonus: Once the second stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to possess dead beings and control their bodies as if it was their own. They can fully utilize the host's physical attributes, skills, and talents, seamlessly blending their own mana with the host's.

Backlash: If the practitioner attempts to possess a living being, they will face backlash and mental damage. If their mana is cut while trying to possess a body, they will face backlash as well. Such failed attempts may also leave the practitioner mentally fatigued and vulnerable or even cause them to get brain damage.

Stage Three: In the third stage, the practitioner achieves a higher level of mastery and trains their mana to overpower the mana of living beings so that they can parasitically take over their mana without being repelled.

Bonus: Once the third stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to possess living beings. They can also extend the duration of possession, remaining within a host for an extended period.

Backlash: Possessing living beings is more taxing than the dead, causing more mental strain the strong they are, as well as more mana burn the more the person resists. If they possess beings with potent defenses or encounter strong resistance, they risk losing control of their own consciousness temporarily, potentially leading to disorientation or even partial possession by the target.

Final Stage: To master the final stage, the practitioner contacts the Dark One.

Bonus: Unknown.

Backlash: Unknown.

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