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UC - Quickscribe Map

Item Name: Quickscribe Map

Market Region: All

Item Rarity: Uncommon

Item Effect: An enchanted map that is given to adventurers who delve into places like dungeons and ruins. Whenever the map's seal is broken, and it is opened, it will begin to transcribe the immediate area that the user is currently in with color. It is useful for backtracking or making sure that one doesn't get lost in a dungeon.

Item Limits: The map can only cover 3 miles worth of space before running out, and the map will only write what's in sight of a 30 foot radius, forcing the user to have to travel in order for the map to cover all of the space. Also, if the map leaves the 3 mile area that it was opened in, the drawn map will disappear slowly over the course of 24 hours.

Market Price: 5 Silver

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