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C- Iron-Knuckle Technique

Name: Iron-Knuckle Technique

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description:A technique used for fighting with fists alone. Knuckle dusters and gauntlets are commonly used with this fighting style, with it being very common in street thugs and the like due to always being able to be used.


Stage One: The user must first understand how to move and fight without the aid of any weapons, only using their fists to win 30 fights against C grade entities. Spells do not count, nor kicking. Only fists.

Bonus: Punching becomes 2x faster and their upper body strength is 3x more. Along with being able to move very short distances 2x faster.

Backlash: Utilizing martial weapons such as polearms and swords becomes incredibly difficult, locking that skill to at most a town guard's level of skill.

Stage Two: To master this stage, the user must learn footwork, spending 12 hours every day for 30 days dodging and moving around attacks and/or obstacles.

Bonus: Their footwork [short movement distance] becomes 3x faster, along with difficult terrain not being a problem for them from having rock hard feet and lower legs.

Backlash: Their legs may get irritated easily from being injured, growing rashes or becoming soar easily in their legs.

Stage Three: This stage is difficult to master, requiring the user to engage in combat 20 times with another user utilizing a weapon Ki Technique at stage Two or higher and winning with only using their fists.

Bonus: The user's punching physical prowess becomes 2x greater, and weapons impacted by their fists are degraded in performance by 30%. Their arms are able to have a flowing aura over them, colored to their choice.

Backlash: The user becomes entirely incapable of using any martial weapon, with even simple weapons such as a knife becoming locked to the degree of an untrained thug.

Stage Four: The final stage of this technique involves ending a fight with one, singular punch. The user must stay in constant motion for 30 days with their legs alone, no flying. Punching only once every day for that duration, each punch made with purpose and all their effort.

Bonus: The user may enhance their arms for one blow each to have the output of that punch be 3x greater, along with an aura flaring over their fists when using this technique, looking like an ethereal wildfire.

Backlash: After utilizing this stage of the technique, their arms will become exhausted and strained.

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