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C- Ranged-Kensei

Name: Ranged-Kensei

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: Ranged-Kensei is a technique only ranged martial combatants can learn. Establishing a connection and understanding with their weapon, such as a bow or crossbow, and being able to utilize it in astounding ways. This is most often used by hunters, along with at the lower stages very common in military archers.


Stage One: To master this stage, one must spend considerable time firing, cleaning, and physically exerting themselves with their utility. Fully understanding their weapon inside and out, along with having trained muscle memory when utilizing it.

Bonus: Their draw speed and strength become doubled, along with whatever their preferred ranged weapon type having a colored outline of their choosing when holding it.

Backlash: Melee weaponry does 15% less damage at 10% less speed.

Stage Two: Stage two is only mastered by learning how the ammunition their weapon fires. Understanding the physical nature of it, and every stage of it both in, and when exerted by their weapon. Spending time mastering their understanding and usage of ammunition with their weapon.

Bonus: Any ranged ammunition that the user is either making physical contact with or fired by them will have their velocity and impact size multiplied by 3, along with their eyesight distance and accuracy doubled. The outline on their weapon carried to their ammunition as well.

Backlash: The recoil of their shots are tripled.

Stage Three: With an understanding of both their ammunition and weapon, the user must master the third stage. The user must learn how to connect their weapon to their ammunition by making every shot count. For the next month, they may fire only 1 shot per day. The shot must be fired with purpose, otherwise it resets the development of this stage.

Bonus: Once per day, the user is able to amplify a single shot of theirs to cut through magic, doing 2x in magic damage along with being 2x the range. The outline turns into a coating, able to project aesthetic changes over the weapon and ammunition from the outline.

Backlash: After the shot is fired, every ranged shot they fire or ammunition they physically touch will be halved in stats for 24 hours.

Stage Four: The final stage of this technique is enveloping their ammunition and weapon in magic, connecting it to their very soul. The user must combine all their understanding to not shooting from their weapon a single time. Instead, accurately visualizing it in a meditative state for at least 16 hours per day until they have projected their will into and over their ammunition and weapon.

Bonus: Their weapon and an ammunition of choice is soul bound to them, allowing the user to summon and unsummon their weapon at will, move it around them freely at half the speed they can move up to 20 meters, and by merely looking at similar weapons or ammunition of their connected type, debuff it by 50% or break/disassemble it if it's non-magical instantly. Their weapon and ammunition gain a concentrated, violently glowing aura colored to their choosing when wielding their weapon.

Backlash: The user goes blind in half their vision when not wielding their weapon.

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