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B- Horde Ki Technique

Name: Horde Ki Technique

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: A power that allows the user to surpass the limits of their conjuration magic prowess, summoning and utilizing their conjured forces with greater efficiency, potency, and scope. This is a learned technique by those who take the term “one man army” seriously, or by those who possess great power as a commander or ruler.


Stage one: In order to achieve this, one must adapt to using high stress and high cost conjuration spells for an extended period of time. This includes primarily high B-A tier spells that are usually hard to control en masse. Practice controlling these summons while dividing one’s focus will award them with the first stage of this ki.

Bonus: Can use any tier of conjuration spell without having difficulty controlling them. 2X current conjuration cap.

Backlash: Physically your peak speed is decreased by half

Stage two: In order to master this stage you must train keeping your summons active for as long as possible, until eventually you surpass your own limits. This can be difficult, but you do this by focusing more mana into your summoned constructs in order to keep them stable. Must do this for a whole of five days.

Bonus: 50% reduced mana cost and limitations for summoning spells, D rank summons don’t have a duration.

Backlash: Physically your peak strength is decreased by half

Stage three: This stage is focused on increasing summon potency, primarily being a test of how effectively you can use your summons/how much power you can output. You need to train them as you would any other body to increase the solidity and power of their magical forms. You must do this with every conjuration spell in your current arsenal.

Bonus: Summons stats/potency and abilities/capabilities are multiplied by 3X and have half the cooldown. Mana sickness when using both B and A spells is cut by half.

Backlash: Halved peak physical durability and regeneration.

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