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C- Blunt-Force Focus

Name: Blunt-Force Focus

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: A hard hitter of a technique, used by maces, hammers, and other blunt weapon wielders intending to hit hard. Not as common as sword technique users, but easily a counter to shields on the frontlines. Most often used by the Demon Clan due to the strength of their warriors.


Stage One: To master the first stage of this, one must understand their weapon. Spending time studying, researching, growing to understand the feel of their weapon through practice. A strong grip is required for this as well, needing to be comparable to an orc.

Bonus: When the user wields a blunt weapon, their grip strength becomes 4x stronger, along with being able to swing such a weapon with 2x their normal strength.

Backlash: A strong grip becomes second hand nature, with the user often finding their grip always on high, accidentally breaking fragile held objects is a norm depending on their strength.

Stage Two: To master the second stage, one must practice the act of denting durable, solid objects. Making at least 40 dents in combat against C class durable enemies.

Bonus: When the user swings a blunt weapon, it does 3x more damage against heavy armor, shields, and durable objects matching or beyond dragon scale. A feint aura outlines their blunt weapon when held.

Backlash: Due to overextending their grasp, the user's strikes against fabric or light material becomes 30% weaker, prone to glancing blows rather than direct hits.

Stage Three: For mastering this stage of the technique, one must apply their will to be an unstoppable force through their weapon. Their will and purpose carried forward in heavy, yet controlled swings until they're able to fully comprehend how to do things such as break through a shield equivalent to their weapon with one swing.

Bonus: The user's upper body strength is 3x higher, with the ability to once a day unleash a hard hitting blow that consumes 25% of their stamina. The trade off for this is doing 3x more damage and creating a shockwave of equal strength and size of their weapon. A flaring aura sparks around their weapon.

Backlash: The user's speed is decreased by 25%.

Stage Four: For the final stage of this technique, the user must learn to not only dish out their own blunt attacks, but understand how it is to withstand the blows. They must be beaten, bashed, thrashed by their own type of weapon [blunt objects] until that understanding is unlocked within them.

Bonus: The user's durability and strength is doubled, along with any blow from a blunt weapon they use being able to have 25% of their damage bypass armor and skin.

Backlash: The user's recovery speed of wounds becomes 20% longer.

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