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C- Defensive-Kensei

Name: Defensive-Kensei

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: A technique for mastering shields. Be it small, big, thin, heavy, mundane, or magic, it is encompassed in this technique. This is minorly taught to shield wall soldiers in certain clan divisions due to it's effectiveness when used together. It's also primarily used in militaries because of the technique for learning it being difficult alone.


Stage One: The user must first understand their shield. Become stalwart with it, durable and strong. They must block a total of 100 C class or higher impacts per day for 30 days without their shield being removed from their hand or faltering in stance.

Bonus: The user becomes 50% more resistant to knockback damage and wielded shields become 2x more durable physically and magically. Their shield has a crest, logo, or sigil of their choice glowing on it when they wish.

Backlash: Having their shield broken will cause the same damage as fracturing an arm bone to whatever limb the shield is held with, may it be their forearm, hand, or even their mind.

Stage Two: Once mastering the first stage, to master the second stage of this technique the user must practice moving their shield in the way of things quickly from a resting position. They must do this to C rank or higher blows 250 times per day for 40 days. At least 10 of these the user must be unaware of, such as ambushed from behind.

Bonus: Their wielded shield becomes weightless to them, with 5x the weight when someone they don't wish to wield it does so. Moving their shield is increased by 3x what it should be, and the shield becomes 3x more durable. The shield itself glows lightly with wisping mana, gaining a glowing aesthetic that can be colored of their choice to it.

Backlash: The user's shield becomes incapable of being removed from them by 20 meters without suffering obsessive connection issues which gets exponentially worse per hour gone by.

Stage Three: To master this stage, the user must learn how to project their will through the shield by practically becoming one with the shield. Needing to spend 50 days not moving, yet being hit with at least 5 B rank blows daily without moving at all.

Bonus: They become 20% more resistant to knockback damage, along with those around them being 20% more resistant too. Magic damage and effects are halved against their shield, and the size of their shield is capable of being changed to 5x bigger if they choose via projected with an ethereal magic. Their shield passively gains a stillness about it, with still magic veins that subtly move over their shield.

Backlash: Their shield is connected to their mental image. If it is damaged or even broken, that reflects back to their mental state.

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