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Color: Dark pink

Mineral Location: Can be found everywhere

Mineral Rarity: Common Moh hardness Ranking: 3 Melting Point: 110°C Solubility: Not soluble Market Value: 5 copper coins (fragments) 1 gold coin (ore) Description: Wanyte is a common mineral with space alteration abilities, supposedly originated by the Supreme Mage, the first mage to ever exist. When shattered, it looses that ability, but when used correctly as an ore, it teleports you to another Wanyte ore properly set. It's used as an common and quick locomotion of public use. The way to properly set it up is to install a raw ore that is at least 1 or 2 meters high, with 7 fragments placed in the specific order shown in the image, the material used for the ground must be higher than 3 moh. It can teleport anything that isn't larger than the circular area, up to a distance of 1 kilometer.

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