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C - Winged Combat Style

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description:A style of combat that involves the user's wings being primarily used. Most effective in aerial combat, learning how to use their wings as an extension of their own body to become a weapon. This is often used by winged individuals, especially active flyers that find themselves in trouble here and there.


Stage One: To master the first stage of this technique, the user must first understand their wings. Fully understanding every patch or feather that encompasses their wings. Including how they move in air, becoming a master of understanding their aerial biology.

Bonus: Extension of one's own wings to supernatural extends. Being able to have abnormal control, reaching twice their length that they should, being fully flexible, and having control over each individual feather or patch on their wings.

Backlash: This also causes great mental strain when their wings are injured, reflecting 25% of the physical damage back at their mind.

Stage Two: To master the second technique, one must practice aerial movements with their wings, knowing how to move around with them by going their maximum speed for 5 hours per day for 25 days without stopping.

Bonus: The user's wings allow them to fly 2x faster, along with moving their wings 3x faster. The wings gain a slight outline of energy over them.

Backlash: Their leg movement speed decreases by 10%.

Stage Three: To master this third stage, one must engage in aerial combat with 5 B grade threats or higher within 35 days of each other. Each must be beaten while only using their wings as their weapon in these engagements.

Bonus: The user's wings become 3x higher in physical stats normally, 4x when flying. Their wings gain an energy that crosses over their wings when in combat, looking like wisps of wind.

Backlash: The user will become prideful when it comes to getting their wings disgraced in some mannerism.

Stage Four: The final step of this is to encompass one's own self in their wings, meditating for 16 hours for 30 days. Each moment spent fully covered by their wings, yet maintaining flight while they are wrapped around them in a cocoon. This flight must be maintained from their wings only.

Bonus: Their wings have 3x physical stats and are able to gain an aura over them that projects their wings to be 5x their size that they should be. Able to fire out patches or feathers from their wings to utilize as projectiles at will, comparable to their flight speed.

Backlash: It feels uncomfortable to walk, utilizing one's legs for movements will become progressively worse mentally to think about for every 20 minutes of doing so. Their movement speed when using their legs degrades by 10%.

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