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A language that is naturally known by everyone in this world. It is spoken by everyone in the world and is the most popularized and used language. The ability to learn this language easier than all other languages is inherently born with, due to people eating God's Fruit a long time ago.


Ancient Language

A language that was spoken among the world many years ago, in current times there are few, if any, that can speak this language. Very few books have a translation for it, and most are even incomplete. All records of the language are often kept in protected libraries or as collectibles by nobles, making it near impossible for the common folk to even hear about.



A language that is commonly known and spoken among Dragons, Demi-Dragons, and Draconic Races. It is a dragon's first language, unlike other races that naturally know Temara. The language is said to be connected to the way Dragons use their magic, making Draconic Magic stronger if it is spoken in Draconic Language.



A language that is known among the demonic races of the Demon Clan. It is not primarily used, because Temara is the rooted language of the world, however, it is thought to demons on a high school level. And is popular to use amongst the older generation compared to the younger ones.


Elven Language

A language that is commonly known and spoken among the elvish races. It is not commonly used within the Four Clans because of Temara being the root language, however, it is said to be the second language of sorts to the elvish races, and is commonly used within Elven tribes. The language is taught to most elven races when they turn 5 years old by their parents, some of the dialects can vary depending on the tribe.


Spell Language

A language often used in the incantation or creation of spells and spell books. While it is not a common language to know, with people that do learn spells mainly learning only the words needed to say and not the meaning behind them, books that can translate the language exist in the Grand Library.



A language that is spoken among the Angels. Races that have angelic blood in them or fallen angels can also speak this language. Not a lot is known of the language, due to the fact that angels never directly intervene in the world, however, there are records of it, there are no known ways to translate it.


Arcane Language

A language that was once lost in time but as only recently begun to appear once more due to the changes in the world, allowing scholars to attempt to learn and even traslate the compex language. It is a language that can not be spoken, only written, and is the main factor in the creation or Arcane Circles. Main scholars believe that the language is from the lost age of Arcane Devolopment.

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