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Demon Clan

A collection of information related to the Demon Clan throughout it's long history of over 15 thousand years.


The symbol of the Demon Clan, meant to represent their strength and unbending willpower.

Demon History

Demons were one of the many races created by Kami when they were shaping life for the world. They were favored and thus imbued with a drop of Yomoko’s Godly essences which allowed them to take the form in which they hold today. 

At first, demons were a barbaric race, they held physical strength and were skilled in dangerous magic

this made them dominate a lot of the other races in the olden days; plundering and living as they saw fit. However as time flew by, as all things did, they started to change. With the forming of tribes and other races banding together to fight them back, they had to adapt to this change, they had to become better in order to survive. In turn, they, themselves, started to band together more often.


As many years slowly passed by, these various small tribes of demons eventually all came together under the rule of one leader, a charismatic man by the name of “Bahamoth Malphas”. This formidable man would later come to be known as the 1st Demon King of the Demon Clan. 


Under the influence and command of the 1st Demon King, the various demonic tribes fused their territories together in order to become the Demon Clan. The now existing Demon Clan was able to exert a lot more energy into the expanding of their territory and the gathering of useful resources. Allowing them to soon enough be able to gather enough power and resources to hold their own against the much older Human Clan. 


With the expansion of land and power, the first official city of the demons came to be, “Monium City” as it was called. The city was built near the deserts of Shinseina, bordering the grasslands and there it stood in its glorious heydays. This good fortune did not last for a very long time, unfortunately, as a massive earthquake shook the entire foundation of the city itself, causing the ground below it to give out and the city to fall underground. 


This earthquake, while devastating enough to take the lives of hundreds of Demon Clan members, and destroy the homes of many, was considered a mere setback to the Demon King and he did not allow it to hinder him in the building of his city. What he decided was that instead of attempting to build the city on land all over again, which would waste resources and manpower, he came to the conclusion that simply repairing the damages done to the city and continuing the expansion underground would be much more advantageous to the Clan.


As many years passed once more, and the 1st Demon King Bahamoth passed away and his son, King Ragana, took over the throne and the city started to flourish even more than it did before. His son was determined to follow in his father’s legacy and make the Demon Clan become known for much more than just some city of barbarians. He expanded the city underground, even building giant pillars to hold up the cover made above the city. With this, the city was fully underground and had even expanded itself into the caves and caverns that surrounded nearby it.


King Ragana was smart, and gifted in magic, but most of all he was a very cautious man. He feared members of the other races entering the city in order to attack it from the inside, and as such to counter this fear he created a magic field. This magic field would later come to be known as the “Triangle Field”, due to its shape and ability. 


The field had two entrances from the surface and one from the underground city. To get in and out from the underground city one would need to pass through a maze that was coated in magic. The maze made any non-demon clan member, or anyone that wasn’t invited, unable to enter the city, only allowing members of the Demon Clan and officially recognized people to pass through the hidden paths.


While the city flourished under the rule of both the 1st and 2nd Demon Kings, the 3rd Demon King was not as fortunate for the city. The 3rd Demon King, King Lucifer, took the throne by killing his older siblings and then inheriting it as the last in line. This was simply the mere beginning of his barbaric reign as a terrible Ruler. King Lucifer believed in the old barbaric ways, and resorted to this method for many things, even though the previous two Kings had sought to have this way change. This caused many problems due to his quick-tempered attitude and his constantly growing greed over time. 


He sought more power and wealth, which caused him to foolishly expand his lands past his borders without care for what the other Clans may say. This lead to him having his armies pillage the nearby towns, murdering and even raping the townspeople. This blatant call for war did not go unanswered, for the Human clan that owned the villages he brutally took over, soon called for arms. 


The Human Clan at the time had many soldiers and outnumbered the Demon Clan’s army with soldiers alone, not even including the powerful mages the clan had. The war went as one would expect, after many months of fighting and many deaths, the Demon Clan had lost and Demon King Lucifer was executed for his crimes and failure of being a King.


Due to not having a son to carry on his bloodline and inherit the mark. The mark soon chose a new Demon to be the King of the Clan and so the Clan once again started to flourish. As many, many years passed, the clan is now as it is today.


The Demon Clan in nature is not a very religious clan, however, they do tend to worship Kami the most out of the other Gods, and on some occasions Yomoko as it is said that it was thanks to him that their race took its form to begin with. Aside from worshipping the Gods, the Demon Clan tends to worship, or at least respect, the aspects of the world itself. They believe that thanks to things such as the wind, the sun and moon, fire, the ocean, and other such things are the reason they are able to maintain life, and as such should be respected. 


While the clan itself is calmer in nature, they do retain some of the old ways they had, but more so in a traditional and fun manner. They tend to hold tournaments in an arena to have public matches so people can enjoy both from the spectators' point of view and fighters. These fights are not to the death like it was in the olden days and mostly tend to even give out rewards for taking part. Another thing they tend to do that they did in the old days is to have festivals dedicated to the elements and even to the planet itself.


The clan, being underground, is rich in minerals thanks to their constant mining and expansion underground. This allows them to be the number one export of a lot of minerals and even weapons in the world, heavily affecting their culture. The people of the clan tend to enjoy collecting and wearing jewelry of all kinds and have habits of holding parties for themselves to show off such jewels. Gems and minerals have become, and always were, a deep-rooted part of their culture.


One of the grand arena that the Demon Clan owns and uses for grand battles, for both entertainment and excitement.

Demon Culture

While at first the culture of the Demon Clan was very barbaric in ways, with times the clan soon became less violent in nature, and unlike what many people still say, they are not violent or ‘evil’ in nature. The culture of the clan as it is today is greatly influenced due to their loss of the war against the Human Clan and due to them taking over a lot of Human Clan villages during the rule of the 3rd Demon King.


The throne of the Ruler of the Demon Clan, said to have been made by the 3rd Demon King during his rule.

Political Advancements

The political standing of the Demon Clan has always been quite the messy one, especially at the start. The first King was a smart man, and a man with enough charisma to bring anyone to his side, this was the thing that made him best suited to be King. While it was not easy, he was able to unite the many tribes of demons under a single banner and name, with each tribe leader becoming a noble of the new Clan.


The second demon King was even better, for he was both smart and wise in his rule over the Demon Clan. His wisdom allowed him to choose out the best demons fit to hold the positions of nobles and aid him in creating a Clan that was no longer hated for being barbaric. He did just that, with almost all the nobles that preferred the old ways being removed from their positions, some even executed, and newly appointed nobles giving aid to the reign. At this time it was considered the golden age of the nobles.


All this effort went down the drain once the third demon King took over, for he was a truly terrible King. He wanted to revert the Clan back to its barbaric ways, and all the nobles that spoke back against him were killed on the spot. Without being able to do anything, the nobles had no choice but to silently submit or die, and the commoners were even worse off. Within a few months of his rule, the Clan had reverted back to his barbaric ways, and the city was doing worse than ever before.


Thankfully, once the Human Clan won the war they killed the third Demon King and spared the innocent Clan members, allowing the next King to rebuild the Clan to its former glory. Which they did, allowing the Clan to develop to what it is today.

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