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Vampire Clan

A collection of information related to the Vampire Clan throughout it's long history of over 10 thousand years.


Vampire History

Vampires were not a race created by the Gods, instead, it was a race created from the greed of humans, the greed for survival. The origin of the Vampire Clan can be traced back to a family with the surname of “Hamilton”. The Hamiltons were originally humans who struggled to survive in the dangerous world of the past and instead had to seek out other means of survival. The Hamilton family used a Godly Item by the name of “The Blood Pendant” in order to give up their souls and become undying beings, thus becoming the Original Vampires, also known as the Leviathans. 


The symbol of the Vampire Clan, meant to represent their noble and prestige.

Several thousand years after the creation of the Vampires, the first official Vampire City was formed, The City of Tenebris. Located near the mountain range of Shinseina, the city was made by the first Vampire King “Von Count Dracan” along with his trusted companions. The city was meant to be a beacon of hope and a home to all vampires that were ostracized by the general population at the time.


Before the forming of the city, vampires were deemed as an “unholy” and “heathen” race by many of the other races due to it not being made by the Gods and due to the way they had to feed in order to survive. This often led to vampires being hunted, tortured, experimented on, or just outright executed. The creation of the city helped the vampires feel at ease without needing to worry about the constant fear for simply being what they were; in return, the vampires helped the city grow in both population and economy.


With steady growth in population, this came with the higher need of feeding the general public, the city needed ways to gain blood without being targeted by the other clans. With this being the case, they decided that it would be a good idea to have a constant flow of fresh blood, thus they began to collect the blood of many animals for which they created farms for. 

To help ease the pressure on farm animals, they officially began trading with other Clans in order to receive both animal blood and clinically provided blood in exchange for crops, which they didn’t need a lot of, and minerals, which they had an abundance of thanks to their region. 

This not only fixed their food problem but also helped increase their image over time with the other Clans, leading the City into a new age of productivity.


However, all things were not good for the Vampire Clan, as they still remained discriminated from other races, especially one other the major clans, the Beast Clan. Vampires and Beast races have always fought, since long ago. In fact, the only reason the Leviathans were made in the first place, was because of the Beast races, so as such, a deep-seated hatred was always there. Fueled by this hatred, the Beast Clan, led by the 2nd Beast King Marculas, waged war against the Vampire Clan. 


At the time, the Vampire Clan was still small in population and was easily outnumbered by the larger and older Beast Clan, causing them to suffer heavy casualties. Having no choice but to resort to asking the Demon Clan for assistance, they agreed to a trade deal for extra resources in exchange for the Demon Clan assisted them this time. Thanks to this assistance, the Vampire Clan was finally able to fight back the Beast Clan, in a war that lasted over a period of 7+ months. 

The war ended in a stalemate due to the enormous losses on both sides, requiring them to come to a stop, this forced both Clans to form a peace treaty, which made it so they could not engage in combat with each other over a period of some years, this, however, did not stop the hate between them, just the war. 


A few years after the war ended, the 1st Vampire King, unfortunately, died due to unknown causes, and as the great man he was, he was grieved for months.


Finally, the 2nd Vampire King, Von Count Carlos, the illegitimate son of ‘Von Count Dracan’, took over after a few months of internal fighting amongst his siblings for the throne. It was said that he forcibly took the throne from his unworthy sibling by simply causing a bloodbath in the palace.

Once he took over, the city made great progress in its development. Not only did they implement many new laws and policies that protected the people, they officially allowed merchants to entire the city which inflated the economy and allowed for the development of new technology. 

One of such technologies was the magic barrier that covered the entire City. The barrier of the city not only acted as a defense from outside attacks but also made it so that it was constantly night within the city which benefited the vampires that lived there. Along with the barrier, the only entrance to the city was guarded by a three-headed dragon by the name of “Grugan” that slept under the gate.


These developments greatly helped the Vampire Clan firmly establish its standing in the world, making it one of the four great Clans and Cities in the world of Shinseina.


Many years have passed since then, and a new King rules the city.


One of the main grand libraries that the Vampire Clan possesses. They boast of having the largest collection of knowledge known.

Vampire Culture

The culture of the Vampire Clan has been around since its creation, constantly expanding into new aspects and evolving in nature. Vampires, being a race that can stay alive for a long time without aging, have always been fond of art or the power of knowledge. The culture has a lot of things to do with art, literature, music, philosophy, and a lot more.

The culture of art and knowledge is so deeply rooted in the Vampire Clan, that they often have multiple grand museums, libraries, and theaters, and other such publicly accessible places simply littered around their massive city and towns. 


The Vampire Clan is not a majorly religious Clan. They do not have a set belief, nor a focus on any one religion. This doesn’t mean they don’t allow religion nor doesn’t believe in it, in fact, they allow people to freely worship whomever they please, as long as it causes no issues. More often than not, vampires of the clan do not even partake in the worshipping of religion due to their unaging ability that simply makes the need for faith obsolete. This often made them seem to be heathens by other races in the past, but this issue has since calmed down.


The Vampire Clan, while not as festive as other clans, often holds grand balls, exceptional plays, and breathtaking art functions. Other than this, the people are as lively as can be, crowds often flood the streets of the shopping district, and folks gather for parties.


The Crown of the Vampire Clan Ruler, originally belonging to the 2nd Vampire King, believed to have been made out of multiple minerals and infused with mana.

Political Advancements

The Vampire Clan has always had a unique political standing compared to the other major Clans, this was because rather than a simple monarchy where the Ruler had absolute say, the nobles also had a say in the political direction and advancements of the Clan. This played a major aspect of the Clan during the start when “Von Count Dracan” first settled on the land along with the two other founding families. The “Ramton Family” and the “Fasonare Family”.

Due to this unique way of politics, the Clan originally had a lot of corruption amongst the Nobles, especially among the higher-ranking nobles with years of family history. Due to the war which was going on for a long time, the King was not capable of focusing his efforts on the matter. This allowed rampant corruption to run wild, with nobles mistreating commoners and even going too far as committing blatant crimes. One of the most common crimes committed during this time was the kidnapping of rogues in order to drain fresh blood from them.


During the period in which the 1st King had passed and no one had inherited the mark yet, noble corruption ran more rampant than it ever had; even the princes were openly taking part in such corrupt activities. This all completely came to an end once the 2nd King “Von Count Carlos” took over.

As the first thing he did upon becoming the new King, he massacred the princes that stood in his way along with publicly executing every single corrupted noble that took part in any illegal activities, and had the ones that simply took part in lesser acts arrested. This was known as the ‘Purge of Corruption’ amongst the commoners of the Vampire Clan, and as the ‘Great Takeover’ amongst the nobles.


From that point on, all matters with the nobles that had to do with the Clan or its Citizen would need to be reported to the King at the end of every month, and the falsification of this report in any way was deemed a crime of death. Through this new law, the Clan took a turn for the better and began making advancements faster than it previously had.

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