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Human Clan

A collection of information related to the Human Clan throughout it's long history of over 25 thousand years.


Human History

Although they are called the Human Clan in name, the clan itself is composed of much more than just humans alone. Races such as elves, dwarves, and many more are all that make up this massive clan. The Clan itself is known to be one of the oldest among all the four Clans, and true to that they have the most numbers among the Clans. The reason they are called the ‘Human Clan’ is believed to be because the original founders of the clan were humans, while others believe it is due to the fact most of the races resemble humans in form.

The symbol of the Human Clan, meant to represent their overpowering strength and authority.


As one of the oldest and the biggest Clan out of all the rest, it was founded by the 1st Human King, King “Ragnarok Belltome”, a very long time ago, in which the exact date is lost to time. The Clan first took shape as the benevolent King saw the fighting and chaos among the races and wished to create a home, and land, for them to be at ease in. He sought to make a kingdom where the different races can work together without the need of fighting, a place where peace was truly an option to all. To achieve this goal he traveled the land, far and wide, gathering members and loyal people to help him.


Soon enough, under the charismatic and genius King Ragnarok, the first official Human Clan City came to be. This city was known as Subete, but was referred to by the people as “the city of many” due to its unique trait of being mixed with many different races. At first, it was not much, it was composed of some humans, elves, dwarves, and a mixture of other races in the single digits. But as time flew by, this new city soon grew larger in size, gathering members from all other sorts of races and growing stronger in power.


Years after the forming of the city, it was flourishing to the point that even Kami took notice of it. Kami found this city interesting and was very pleased with what the 1st King had done in gathering and protecting many races together. It was this act of benevolence that made Kami decide to give the city something, in order to aid its protection and growth. With this idea in mind, Kami blessed the city by using their Godly powers to form four guardian golems out of the land, embedding them with a dust of his power.


These 50 feet tall golems were each stationed at the north, south, east, and west gates of the city’s massive 10000 feet tall walls, that protected the city from any outside attacks.

The Golems are said to be dormant until a threat that poses large enough of a danger to the city itself arrives, at that point, they are believed to wake up and use all their strength to deal with it.


Around the time the Clan was ruled by the 4th Human King, a great man who had continued the flourishing of the city, was when the Demon King, Lucifer, decided to get greedy and attack the villages that the city had owned. This caused the 4th King to go to war with the Demon Clan, which resulted in a victory of the Human Clan at the end of it all, however, the battle to the end was no easy feat. 


While the Human Clan outnumbered the Demon Clan, the Demon Clan was both physically and magically strong, which gave them a good fighting chance in the battle. After many months of fighting, as expected, the Human Clan came out on top and executed the Demon King Lucifer to avoid such foolish actions again and get a better Demon King.


The losses the Human Clan suffered from this war were no small matter, many farmland and people were killed, houses destroyed and materials depleted. For a few years after the war had ended, the city was in a dark time with many people starving due to a lack of crops, and others dying due to illnesses. There was nothing that could be done about this matter, so when the 5th Human King took over and he rose the city back up to its former glory and more so to a point that it was better than before, it was considered no short of a miracle by God.


As time goes on the city continues to grow and prosper.


One of the mighty golems that were gifted to the Human Clan by Kami, standing mighty at the four corners of the city.

Human Culture

The culture of the Human Clan is one of many, due to it being home to many different races, they often adapt and mix with cultures from many different tribes as well. This to them is not a bad thing, the city enjoys having many different races that enjoy their own cultures, and even enjoy it when other races take part in cultures that aren't their own. This keeps the city lively and friendly at all times.

One thing the city does do however is worship Kami. As mentioned in the history of the city, Kami played a part in the protection of the city, and as such over time they started to worship Kanti as their major religion. While it is not enforced to worship Kami in the city, most of the citizens do, as it is a major part of the city’s culture and roots.


One of the many councils that have been held amongst the elders to discuss the progressing and matters of the Human Clan.

Political Advancement

The political standing of the Human Clan has always been unique in its own ways, due to the collection of many races under a single banner. There has always been a noble house to represent at least one of the major races that make up the Human Clan, this is so that each race will be treated fairly and that they will all have an equal say in the development of the Human Clan.


Thanks to this political standing in the past, it has slowly evolved to the standing of today, in which 10 nobles of different races are selected to act as a council. This council is referred to as the ‘Council of Nobles’ in which they aid the King with matters related to the Clan, along with having a say in matters related to their representing race. This way of politics is what has allowed the Human Clan to grow into the intercultural and intertwined Clan of today, where many are accepted.

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