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Gods, beings that have been proven to exist and worshipped by the people of Shinseina. With there existing 3 Main Gods, numerous Demi-Gods, and quite a few False Gods.



Kami, or more commonly known as God, is believed to be the first being in existence and the creator of everything as we know it. Kami is believed to be all-powerful, as they are the one true God, they are thought to have limitless abilities and are said to be capable of bending and molding reality itself. They are believed to be all-knowing and are capable of incorporating everything in existence into their very being.


Kami is said to not have anyone true form, at least not one that we would be capable of comprehending. Instead, Kami is said to be able to take the form of anything, anyone, be it an animal, a thing, a person, be it a male or a female. Kami is genderless, Kami is nothing yet everything. Kami can be anywhere and anything at will.


Kami normally doesn’t interact with the world very often, in fact, it is quite rare for Kami to directly get involved with the world, rather than using other beings as messengers. When they do decide to get involved with the world, they communicate through the means of dreams, illusions, or other such divine forms of communications, never through stepping onto the planet themself.

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