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History Of Magic


History of Magic

Magic, a word used to describe all the special abilities that people can use or unexplainable things that happen.


Magic has been around since the start of life on Shinseina itself, a gift to the inhabitants of the world granted by the Gods. It is believed that it all started when Kami created the island of Eden a place where all flora is said to exist, and on that island, was a Tree said to have been planted by the Gods themselves, infused with the very being of mana.

This tree grew a fruit, the exact look of the fruit is said to not exist, simply taking the form of whatever the host wanted to see. This fruit is said to be the origin of all magic that people can use, being infused with the very being of mana in it, the purest of mana; granting whoever ate it the ability of magic.


People gathered at this tree and ate the fruits, granting them the ability of magic, which they passed on through birth for generations after generations. This was how magic spread throughout the world over time, becoming a part of everyday normality.


The magic of the current age is nothing compared to magic from the past, called ancient magic. Ancient magic is said to be extremely powerful, undoable with the current levels of magic, it was not as simple as magic today. It was complicated to cast, often requiring runic symbols and magical codes. It is believed that due to the flow of magic getting diluted as people gave birth for generations, this made the powerful magic of old times change, becoming weaker yet less complicated.

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