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A - Celestial Harmony Technique

Name: Celestial Harmony Technique

Technique Power Ranking: A

Description: Celestial Harmony Technique is a powerful technique rooted in the pursuit of perfect balance, inspired by the harmony observed in celestial phenomena. Believed to have originated from the ancient text of a lost race that focused on the perfect balance between their magical and physical capabilities, this technique has remained exclusive to a select few individuals, with very few copies ever made. Celestial Harmony Technique revolves around the absorption and tempering of the body and magic through the same means.


Stage One: In this initial stage, the practitioner must spend 50 days and nights in unwavering meditation, maintaining a still position and absorbing mana into their body without stopping.

Bonus: Mastery of this stage grants the user a twofold increase in their base magical abilities.

Backlash: However, mastering this stage weakens the user physically, reducing their strength by half.

Stage Two: Advancing to the second stage requires the practitioner to undergo 50 days of relentless physical training, continuously pushing their bodies without rest, taking damage, and healing from it constantly in order to temper the body.

Bonus: Mastery of this stage bestows a fourfold increase in the user's base physical abilities.

Backlash: The practitioner's lifespan is halved upon mastering this stage, and their body remains weakened for a duration of 20 days.

Stage Three: The third stage demands the practitioner to spend days finding the balance between their physical body and their magical capabilities, finding how the mana interacts with the body and the other way around, only when their body and mana flow with the same amount of strength will they master this stage.

Bonus: Upon mastering this stage, the user gains perfect harmony between their body and mana, being able to heal using mana, and replenish mana using stamina.

Backlash: If they were to ever have an unbalance with their mana and body, they will instantly fall back to stage 2.

Stage Four: Mastery of the fourth stage entails training their body and mana at the same time for 50 days in a row, using their harmony in order to perfectly have them function at the same time.

Bonus: Mastery of this stage grants the user an additional 4x in both magic and physical capabilities.

Backlash: Failing to progress to the final stage after mastering this stage and the previous ones will result in the practitioner's premature death within 10 years, and failure to master the last stage will eventually lead to body and magic discrepancy.

Final Stage: The culmination of the technique requires the practitioner to harmonize the soul with the body and magic.

Bonus: Unknown.

Backlash: Unknown.

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