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A - Manablade Mastery Technique

Name: Manablade Mastery Technique

Technique Power Ranking: A

Description: The Manablade Mastery Technique is an advanced ki technique that allows the practitioner to create and wield powerful weapons made out of mana. By harnessing the mana around them and manipulating it with precision, the practitioner can materialize and control various mana blades to engage in combat or defend against adversaries.


Stage One: To master the first stage, the practitioner must cultivate a strong mental connection within themselves. This involves honing their mental focus and channeling mana into their mind to amplify their mental potential. Through rigorous meditation and mental exercises, they attune their mana to the mana around them.

Bonus: Once the first stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to sense and manipulate mana more effectively. They can create a simple and faint mana blade that can be wielded with their mind, able to cut through soft materials and act as a focused extension of themselves.

Backlash: Mana attunement requires mental discipline, and improper control can lead to mental exhaustion or headaches. Overexerting the mana abilities at this stage can lead to mental strain or momentary disorientation.

Stage Two: In the second stage, the practitioner learns to materialize more substantial and powerful mana weapons. By concentrating their mana, they can create sharper, larger, and more versatile manablades, ranging from short blades to longer swords.

Bonus: Once the second stage is mastered, the practitioner can generate manablades of varying shapes and sizes at will. These mana weapons can slice through most mundane materials with ease, and the practitioner can use them for ranged attacks, extending and controlling their reach with their focused mind upward of 50 meters from them.

Backlash: Manifesting larger and more potent manablades requires greater mental control, and the practitioner may experience mental fatigue or strain during extended usage. Prolonged use of multiple manablades without adequate rest can lead to temporary loss of mental focus or passing out.

Stage Three: In the third stage, the practitioner hones their telekinetic abilities to enhance the power and versatility of their manablades. They can manipulate the trajectory and movement of their mana weapons with precision, making them more unpredictable and challenging for opponents to anticipate.

Bonus: Once the third stage is mastered, the practitioner can execute complex telekinetic maneuvers with their manablades. They can wield over 30+ manablades simultaneously, control their flight path, and even deflect incoming attacks with well-timed telekinetic adjustments.

Backlash: Advanced telekinesis puts a significant strain on the practitioner's mental stamina. Attempting elaborate maneuvers without sufficient mental fortitude can lead to momentary lapses in control or weakened mental focus. If the blades are broken they could feel mental backlash from it.

Final Stage: To master the final stage, the practitioner achieves a complete unification of their mental connection and mana, reaching the pinnacle of manablade mastery. At this stage, their mana weapons are an extension of their very being, and their combat prowess with the manablades is unparalleled.

Bonus: Once the final stage is mastered, the practitioner's manablades become incredibly potent and versatile. They can unleash devastating telekinetic strikes, unleash powerful mana shockwaves, and can even control hundreds of manablades at once.

Backlash: Mental and Mana unification demands an extraordinary level of mental and physical endurance. The practitioner risks severe mental strain and exhaustion if they overextend their abilities or attempt to maintain the peak performance of their manablades for extended periods. The manablades are an extension of themselves, if the blades are damage they will take mental damage.

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