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A- Shadow Fiend

Abilities: •Shadow controlling (Can control the body of the possessed shadow) •Energy Drain (Feeds on the energy of the victim. It would feel tired, until it won’t move at all, and can only move when the Shadow Fiend wants it) •Gets stronger until it can form an own dark black fog like body •Shadow explosion (Directly drains half the energy of max. 3-4 people in a 5m(16,40ft) diameter circle) • When it has its own body, the Shadow Fiend uses strikes. It tries to also use his claws and teeth. Though it focuses on fast attacks, and agility. The claws and fangs are strong, and can pierce through normal armor. • Shadow walk: The fiend can move from shadow to shadow, but only 4-5 times, before it needs to drain energy again. To drain energy in his own body form, the fiend connects it to another victims shadow Danger Ranking: A Rarity: Rare+ Region: Mostly in ruins or darker forests. Only on day time, or a full moon night. Description: The Shadow Fiend is a rare monster, and only a few actually saw them. It lives mostly ruins or forest regions. The Fiend so is told, drains the energy of its victim, before actually forming a 6.5ft tall body. The body looks like it was made out of a black and thick fog. It can be seen, when it started to drain the energy from a victim. Two slightly white but clearly visible dots appear in the shadow. Mostly at the position of the head or chest.

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